Buy Maple Syrup-Know Your Source

Maple SyrupMaking Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup begins as sap in a maple tree. The sap is harvested in the spring when temperatures rise into the 40’s during the day and cool off into the 20’s at night. The climate in the New England states are the conditions necessary for sap to run. Maple trees grow in different parts of the county, but the cool spring days and cold nights are necessary for the sap to flow.

Short but Sweet 

The sugaring season begins in late February in Southern New England and ends in late April in the North Country. It is a short, but busy season for farmers, many who work with just a few hours of sleep during the busy season.

Trees are tapped using a drill to make a small hole. A spile is inserted into the hole and the sap drips out if conditions are right. The sap either drips into a bucket or flows down a special tube to a holding tank. Drop after drop collect until there are gallons upon gallons of sap. Many gallons of sap are needed to make just one gallon of maple syrup. It can range from 35-50 gallons of sap, depending on how much maple sugar there is in the sap.

How Sap Becomes Syrup

As the water is boiled off, the sugar becomes more concentrated.  Once filtered, the syrup is put in bottles or containers and sealed.

The Grading Process of Syrup

Syrup produced at the beginning of the season is typically lighter in color and sweeter tasting. The maple flavor is not very strong, but is present. This syrup is called ‘light’ or light amber. As the season progresses, the syrup becomes darker in color and the maple flavor becomes stronger. It first becomes medium amber, then dark amber. After dark amber it becomes ‘grade b’ syrup, so called because it is not top quality in color. However, many maple syrup afficionados prefer grade b syrup for baking.

Buy From a Source You Can Trust 

Buying from the internet can be risky. Scour the site. Look for clues. Ask questions. Where is the syrup coming from? Is it real?   Make sure you are not paying top dollar for colored sugar water. Ask friends. Where do they buy? Read reviews before you buy. Read why you can trust our maple syrup.

Where Our Syrup Comes From

Originally from New York State with many relatives still living in the area, it was easy to find a reputable maple syrup source.  We are proud to represent the Merle Family who produces award winning maple syrup. The Merle’s have been making maple syrup on their own farm for over a century.  Our job was to get it shipped straight from the farm to the stand with no middle-man,  bringing high quality maple syrup to families locally.   The biggest challenge is the cost of shipping. But, by working with the farmer, we have figured out a way to do it and keep the cost low.

The first taste will take you right into the woods where the trees are being tapped. Your family will enjoy the delicious maple taste in every bite.  If you ever get the chance to visit New York in March,  contact us and we will arrange a tour for your family.