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According to medical experts, they’re can be quite a difference between the raw honey and what you might find on the grocery store shelf.  Honey can be bought as either processed or pasteurized honey or as raw or unprocessed honey.  If you’re wanting to take honey for its immune enhancing properties,you want to make sure that the honey you get is raw honey, because that will contain the bee pollen, parts of some of the substances that are in the bee venom, such as the Melittin and the anti-inflammatories.  It may even have some bee’s wax in it and some Royal Jelly in the honey. The grocery store bought processed honey or the pasteurized honey will unfortunately have all those products removed. If someone is allergic to bee stings, they probably wanna make sure to take the pasteurized honey because the raw honey, with all of those other entities in it, will make them more prone, possibly, to having an allergic response to the honey.

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